Your business in 360°

Make Great First Impressions with a Virtual Tour

Attract customers with a 360° Virtual Tour

360° photography for businesses is an exciting development. Place the 360° images wherever potential customers look, your website, Google listing, Facebook or Twitter: they will be invited to virtually step inside and walk around your business and experience it as if they were actually there.
Potential customers experience your business in a way that is visually engaging and inspires trust and confidence in what you do. Your business becomes instantly understandable and memorable to them and so are more likely to visit you in person or a make a booking. Independent research commissioned by Google backs this up. It discovered that 2 out of 3 customers WANT to see more virtual tours and they are TWICE as likely to visit and or make a booking if a business has a virtual tour.

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Insta360 Pro camera

Insta360 Pro camera

To ensure the best quality, Samwork uses the Insta360 Pro with 6 lenses and suitable for 12K. The Insta360 Pro’s photos have excellent quality. The photos are very detailed from edge to edge, and the dynamic range is impressive. The stitching is very smooth and the colors are natural-looking.

The Insta360 Pro is the best prosumer 360° camera on the market right now that satisfies many of the more high-end features that people want to see on a 360-degree camera.