Augmented Reality in Hotels

AR technology helps hotels stand out.

We believe that AR technology is a great fit for hotels and their guests because it addresses two primary traveler needs: information and entertainment.
Brochures, websites and other marketing materials are all about bringing a property to life for a potential guest, but AR technology takes that concept up several notches.

We build an application "Pegasus" (ARIH01) to show some of the possibilities of AR in hotels. The second application ARIH02 will show the possibilities of WebAR, the next generation AR. With this new technologie you will experience AR directly from your browser. Downloading an app first will not be necessary again.

Top hotel technology trend

Analysts concur that hotels must differentiate their brand experiences, particularly if they seek to win over millennials, who shy away from predictability and are quick to embrace the new and different — especially if it leverages mobile devices.

Now that consumers are becoming more aware of the power of augmented reality technology, it’s poised to take its place among the top hotel technology trends.

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