Augmented Reality in Education

Mobile apps using augmented reality are emerging in the classroom.

The mix of real life and augmented reality displayed by the apps using the mobile phone's or tablets camera allows information to be manipulated and seen like never before. Many such apps have been designed to create a highly engaging environment and transform the learning experience.

In the coming years, these devices and applications will continue to proliferate, bringing augmented reality to an ever-expanding audience. Cutting edge educational organizations are already taking steps to take advantage of these tools to convey information to users in new and exciting ways.

The transformation of education

We believe that AR technologies present educational and training opportunities that are not possible with traditional instruction methods and other mediums, like textbooks, computers, handheld devices and online videos. Education will transform because of the capacity to overlay rich media onto the real world for viewing through web-enabled devices such as phones, tablet devices and glasses. Information can be made available to students at the exact time and place of need.
Samwork is a long time member of Open Education Europe and exchange information with several universities and institutions in the field of Augmented Reality. We will publish more information about the use of Augmented Reality in Education in March 2019.

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