A Factory Of  Ideas

We create incredible experiences

We focus on new technologies

Samwork focus on interactive multi-media, augmented reality, virtual reality and interactive display technology. Samwork considers not only how to work with the new technologies, but also how to use them in a commercial, cultural or educational context.
Any new medium carries within it the seeds for new conceptual models and new means of interaction. The ability to translate all media into a digital realm breaks the boundaries that previously separated various disciplines. New media is inventing itself on the margins between art and science; film and journalism; theory and theater; television and education.

Inventing the future.
Samwork is also a factory of ideas, a creative studio that produces and distributes state of the art Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). It is our mission to create unique interactive experiences and groundbreaking applications that will help shape these new systems and the endless possibilities they offer to both consumers and businesses.

Immersive technologies
Our applications interact with the hardware technology to render the virtual environment and process the user input to provide dynamic, real-time response. To achieve this, our software often integrates components of artificial intelligence and virtual worlds. And while we create the best experiences the world has ever known, we will work hard to invent the future.
We will work with incredible new immersive technologies that will create a whole new industry and a new way of relating to information.

Huibert de Jong
Technology- and Interactive Communication Specialist

Huibert de Jong worked in the Netherlands for AZZZ (the number one communication agency). He was responsible for the department “Interactive Communication” and worked for many clients, like: Duracell, Braun, Swatch and the ANP (the largest Dutch Press Agency). In January 2007 he moved to Norway and worked for Norskplan as "leader Communication and Technology". Mainly because of his professional presence, Norsk Plan has won several prices in 2007 and 2008 (Best company of the year 2008 in Suldal Kommune, Gazelle price). In the Netherlands he won the Mixed Culture Award for his multi-media project “Les Extremes Se Touchent”.

He worked for The Arctic University of Norway (dept. Norwegian Agency for Digital Learning in Higher Education) from 2008 till the end of 2017. Hereafter he started to work as an Technology- and Interactive Communication Specialist for Samwork AS in Oslo because of his interest in new technologies, like Virtual- and Augmented Reality.
"We are entering a brand new industry which has the potential to be everything, to transform everything and Samwork AS will be an important part of that."

Nina Wahl
Financial- and Innovation Specialist

Nina Wahl has a master of economics from the Norwegian School of Management. She has also a degree in Sociology and Pedagogic. Before starting her own company, Moltres in 2003, she gained vast experience in business and economics, working as a CFO in various companies (Incatel, Engelschoin Marwell Hauge and as a financial consultant in Oracle).
In Moltres she has worked as financial- and innovation advisor, and over the years she has assisted companies with their start-ups and in gaining financial aid. She had always been intrigued by innovative products and technologies and she also believes that Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will soon breakthrough as a mainstream technology.

"Together we have many years of experience working with brands to produce commercials and digital campaigns and we offer services to brands and companies to produce virtual and augmented reality content. Having a broad approach on how audiences interact with the content and how to make it live on many different platforms is key to our future success."



We will always use the latest technology and hardware. For this we spend much resources in research and training.


We can deliver content for VR, AR, 360' footage, 3D animations and video in all possible formats.


From User Interface to application. We can develop and built to our customers need on different platforms.


We can help to make the best possible choices in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).